Power of Testimony
IOTT Tuesday at the Barn: 7-03-2012 Physical Problem: Knee pain  Cause of Problem: I'm not sure What is different now: I couldn't run, I was frustrated because every time I went to run I just could not , it hurt so bad. I had been to the barn and Deacon Brian prayed over me , and 7-08-2012 I went to the gym and thought let me try running , I could run without pain. Martha IOTT Tuesday at the Barn: 6-19-2012   Physical Problem: Pinched nerve in my neck  Cause of Problem: Stress What is different now: I was experiencing pain and continual numbness in my left arm from the pinched nerve. Immediately after being prayed over the pain and numbness disappeared. Becky IOTT Tuesday at the Barn: 5-22-2012 Physical Problem: Left ear was very hard of hearing and I had constant ringing in my ear, humming, and other noise. Cause of Problem: a fall, a concussion. What is different now: I can hear out of my left ear and the noise is gone. I still have a very faint ringing and a warmth in my ear. Mary D.  Mary Hood’s healing testimony, January 2012 I was originally diagnosed and treated for liver cancer from August to October 2010. The doctors were very positive about the results, saying they removed all the cancer, and a follow-up MRI showed no signs of cancer. However, more tumors were discovered in August 2011. Some but not all of the tumors responded well to treatment. In October, I attended my first prayer meeting at the Prayer Barn with my mother. The group prayed over me and I experienced the powerful and moving presence of God. There was a lot of bright purple light and I felt as if I were lifting up out of the chair and floating in space. I left this meeting believing that I had been given the miracle that I had requested in my prayers. I continued to attend every Tuesday evening prayer service until I left town to spend Thanksgiving with family in Indiana. But in October, a PET scan revealed the cancer had spread to my abdomen and in areas that surgery couldn’t help. The oncologist estimated 6 months to a year for survival unless we could find a way to shrink or arrest the tumor growth. I met with Deacon Brian and Dee for a private counseling session. I was distraught with the news that my condition had become worse as I fully believed that I had been granted my healing miracle. This had never happened to me before – I was confused! In talking with Dee and Brian, I revealed that I had been thanking God for my miracle by stating “I am not worthy to receive you but only say the words and I shall be healed.” My feelings of unworthiness were baseless and needed to be resolved in order to allow for the healing that was promised. I began chemo treatment in Houston. Just two days after Christmas, I received the results of another PET scan – all of my identified tumors had markedly decreased in size, including the one inside my liver. The large mass on the dome of my liver was not seen at all. The shrinkage in tumor mass was substantial – half or better for all tumors, nothing new and nothing the same – a miracle indeed given only 6 weeks of treatment! Chronology: Mary Hood’s Healing Hip pain healed and surgery avoided My hip problems started a year ago. I had gone to several doctors, and they tried cortisone shots. I had no relief, and the doctors wanted me to go for another one, but I wanted to get a second opinion. I went to another doctor and he said that he could clean it up by shaving the hip and repairing it. I tried that, but had no relief. Then at my follow-up visit he stated that I should get a hip replacement, which after so many procedures, I thought I just did not want to do. My husband Joe had a heart attack that same month, and I put myself on hold...............continue “An MRI showed I had 90 percent occlusion of my carotid artery. I came out to Colorado to visit my sister, and was able to go to this prayer group and people prayed over me for healing. When I returned to California, my artery was totally cleared up!” S.Y. “Soaking prayer helped my back. It changed a condition inoperable for 3 years to an opportunity for the surgeon to operate that didn’t look possible. Before, I used a cane and wheelchairs. Today, my back is healed and 2 weeks ago I hiked Mt. Evans with my son.” Kevin “I had a rather large spot that was found during a routine mammogram. I was afraid of breast cancer. After prayer, I went back and another mammogram showed it was gone!” Helen “I saw a doctor because of a lump in my arm, and there was concern about cancer. I didn’t have insurance for a CAT scan, so I asked for prayer over the lump. I went back to the doctor and the lump was gone.” Jon “I was having TIAs for at least 2 weeks. During that time I was seeing an internist, a neurosurgeon, and being admitted to the hospital where no cause or solution was found. After intercessory prayer, I haven’t had any TIAs since.” (a TIA is an episode in which a person has stroke-like symptoms) Paul “We have seen many miracles in our family in the past year. The power of prayer and dedication to the Tuesday night prayer group have created a deeper relationship with the Trinity and has allowed us to see God’s blessings in our lives.” Nicole Baby Audrey had quite a bit of fluid on her heart while inutero. This was discovered during a random ultrasound to see how the babys growth was doing. Dee Kerby proxyed in for the mother Jackie and baby during prayer group. The following day Jackie received another ultrasound by a heart specialist and discovered there was barely any fluid on the heart! She was born healthy and thriving several months later. Dre
My name is Lori. I have been visiting the barn when I can for a few months and have learned so much about myself and healing through this experience. I was diagnosed 5 years ago with ovarian cancer and have been in full remission twice. I have always believed that God has carried me in the palm of his hand all the way through this. I have had many blessings along the way. Last week, was incredibly powerful. First of all, I have had a persistent pain under my right rib for months. I left here with that pain gone. It has tried to make a return several times and I have simply held my hand there and told the pain that in Jesus name I am healed and the pain is not welcome. The pain goes away immediately. That, in itself, is a miracle to me and a great blessing not to have a constant reminder of illness. Once a month, my nurse draws a blood test called a CA125. This is a tumor marker and for me has always been a good indicator of my health. It had climbed to 248 this summer and a month ago was 170. When I had chemo Wednesday, the blood test was drawn and I knew I had a 2 day wait. My doctor has never called me with those results and at 8:15 Friday morning I got a call that my CA125 is now only 40 ...below 35 is considered normal! My doctor was absolutely shocked. It has never dropped  that much in one month and I even missed a week of chemo because I was too sick the week prior from a surgery resulting in infection and a bad reaction to some antibiotics. As I already said, I have learned so much about healing from Brian and Dee and so many others here. One thing that strongly affected me was when a man here told me he believed I needed to heal my broken heart. This started many hours of self-reflection and thoughts about forgiveness and I realized it was me I needed to forgive. I firmly believe that I will be fully healed. I am on chemo, on a strict vegan diet and do everything I can to promote health but I know the healing is through prayer. I have to come to the point that I really believe that I am worthy of being healed. I understand God's unconditional love now and that my perception was so wrong. God’s love for me is so much bigger than the way others love me and way, way more than I have loved myself. Even a sinner, like me, not so unlike the woman at the well, deserves his love and healing touch. I believe He has big things planned for me!
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When my daughter first told me that she had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer I became very concerned because of the experience I had with Lori’s mother who died from the same condition a few years earlier. My late wife was a medical technologist; she had told me that the life expectancy of a woman with ovarian cancer was at the most five years from the time of diagnosis and she died within five years. My concern was not only for my daughter but for her four children. Who was going to care for them if she didn’t make it? The oldest who is now 22, was 17 at the time; the other children were a 9 year old son and twin girls who were only 6 years old. I had her on many prayer lines throughout the country; Lori and her many friends were doing the same. There were several people who had mentioned the prayer barn in Evergreen run by Deacon Brian and Dee Kerby. A few months ago after another recurrence of the cancer, I decided to tell Lori about the prayer barn and she was willing to go because she felt that she had nothing to lose and was very worried that as a single mother she would be leaving her kids without a caring parent. When we first stepped into the barn I could feel the presence of The Holy Spirit. We had gone several times when a gentleman in attendance spoke to Lori about mending her broken heart and having forgiveness. He told her that “you will never heal physically until you mend your broken heart.” I noticed a change in Lori from that point on. I think it was about the sixth or seventh time we had gone to the prayer barn when Lori wasn’t feeling very good that the miracle took place. Deacon Brian prayed over Lori with his relic of the cross. Lori said that her pain decreased and then went completely away. Her whole attitude was so positive and uplifting. The next day the pain came back and Lori said “in the name of Jesus pain go away I am healed” and then the pain left her body. In the days that followed, her cancer count went down and then within a few days tests found no active cancer in her system. Praise the Lord for His healing touch! “O give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good: for His mercy endureth  forever.” Psalm 107:1 Jerry
Lori’s Father’s Testimony
Lori’s Testimony
Power of Testimony If you would like to share the incredible love and grace Jesus has bestowed on you through healing, please provide all the details, contact information, and anything that might be pertinent to substantiate the healing. By sharing your story, you will be participating in building the body of Christ and expanding His kingdom. “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” When we share our healing testimonies, we are proclaiming the kingdom of heaven on earth, we are standing on God’s promises, and we are building the faith of God’s people. “Faith comes through hearing.” So we hear the testimony, it builds our faith, and faith opens the door to healing: Jesus said to her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.”