Power of Testimony
Power of Testimony If you would like to share the incredible love and grace Jesus has bestowed on you through healing, please provide all the details, contact information, and anything that might be pertinent to substantiate the healing. By sharing your story, you will be participating in building the body of Christ and expanding His kingdom. “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” When we share our healing testimonies, we are proclaiming the kingdom of heaven on earth, we are standing on God’s promises, and we are building the faith of God’s people. “Faith comes through hearing.” So we hear the testimony, it builds our faith, and faith opens the door to healing: Jesus said to her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.” IOTT IOTT Tuesday at the Barn: 11-2012 Physical Problem: Possible cancer/migraines   Cause of Problem: Unknown What is different now: I am healed and more importantly peaceful! Filled up with our Lord Jesus! After several people told my husband and I about the Intercessors of the Trinity and Tuesday nights at the Prayer Barn in Evergreen, we decided that we should go and check it out. I have been struggling with a "mystery illness" for many months now and have seen 12 doctors and other medical professionals with no answers. At this time, I was waiting to hear the results of a cancer biopsy. We were pleasantly greeted by Deacon Brian and many others. The service started and I really didn't feel well with a migraine this evening, but I was open to hearing what they were sharing and worship always makes me feel connected to Jesus. During the healing time, Deacon Brian came over to me and asked me what were my physical issues. I told him that I have terrible migraines, but that I was also waiting to hear if I have cancer in my blood. He lifted my head and started to pray along with many others. Time seemed to stop for me. I know that my husband and my two friends were there praying but I could feel so many others there praying too. This community is so special. After Deacon Brian prayed for my headaches, he also prayed for me to be cancer free. I repeated everything he said to me and I was so overwhelmed with emotion. This was so freeing! Deacon Brian moved on to many others who needed him and I fell into my husband's arms. I felt so elated and then the next thing I knew, Deacon Brian was back! He asked me if I had something traumatic happen in my life? Well, the answer was, yes. I was in a terrible car accident six years ago that still makes me so fearful to drive at times. He asked me if I wanted to release that from my DNA? I said yes! Deacon Brian prayed and I repeated all that he asked again and for the first time in six years I was able to confess my fear and anxiety that I have held in my body and I received the healing from Jesus. Again, I felt so free and hopeful! Waking up the next day, I had this new and strange feeling...peace. For so many years now, I have been trying to keep it in my heart and it comes, but it goes so quickly. It's been several days later, and I still have peace! My doctor called the very next day after being at the Barn to give me the cancer results...of course I already knew the answer...negative!!! Thank you Jesus! DKS .
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What was your physical problem?: Emotional healing (forgiveness) What caused it?: Not knowing how to forgive and who I needed to forgive. What is different now?:I know how our Lord Jesus wants me to forgive and who. Name: Steve S. Submitted On: 2012-10-31
I'm still in a state of complete awe of the healing power of Jesus, and in the power of intercessory prayer. Jeanette and I just had a call from our daughter Becky in Austin. Her mother-in-law is Gerri , whom the IOTT has been praying for. Gerri has -- or had -- pancreatic cancer and has been undergoing chemo and radiation therapy for the past several months. We visited with Gerri when we were in Austin this past October and told her about the healing miracles that take place at Deacon Brian's prayer barn, and we prayed with her while we were there. We have been praying for her every day, both in our private prayers and when we've been at the barn, and as you know, I asked that you put her on the IOTT prayer list. Well tonight Becky said Gerri had been in for her checkup today, part of which was a CAT scan to help determine if the tumor was operable. The CAT scan showed no evidence of cancer.  Praise God!!!! Jim My name is James and over 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia. My white blood cell count was at 266. The normal range is 3.5 - 10.5. I went to see my doctor in late November of 2012 and my wbc was at 150, so I had come out of remission. Then the medication I was taking started giving me liver problems, so they wanted to switch me to a different medication, that was less effective. I started going to the barn after my doctor's appointment because I knew the only way to get rid of this cancer was to receive prayer at the barn and let Jesus heal me. I went to the barn 3 times and worked very hard to build a relationship with God. Then I went to get another blood test done December 19, 2012. My white blood cell count was down to 6.2, which is the lowest count I've ever seen and my liver tests were perfectly normal. I know Jesus has now healed me I am not feeling any side effects from Leukemia. God Bless, James Bailey Ever since I was 8 years old, I have had asthma. Fall and Winter are usually my most troublesome times. Whenever I get an upper respiratory infection, my asthma is triggered and Bronchitis and or Pneumonia ensue. Typically I need antibiotics every other month as well as steroids. In September of 2012, I became ill with asthma and bronchitis. Again, I needed steroids and antibiotics. At this point in my life I have become allergic to three classes of antibiotics. After suffering for a month, I went to the Barn in Evergreen, Colorado. The people there prayed with me and for me. As I was leaving the barn that night, "I breathed deeply for the first time in a month. Within a few days I felt completely well. It is now the 14th of January, 2013. Three and a half months have gone by with no asthma symptoms. In December, I flew to Chicago and spent a week with family. One of my grandsons was coughing and was started on antibiotics while I was there. For me, there is no explanation other than God heard my prayers and the prayers of those who were present. I feel very blessed, and have no explanation other than I have been blessed, as a result of the prayers at the Barn.   Kathleen Blandford original prayer request 1/14/13 Name: Kathy Subject: John Paul Prayer Request: A young physician named John Paul, whose wife is 8 months pregnant, just had a massive heart attack today. His brain was without oxygen for 2 hours, which means if he survives, they are not sure if there will be any brain function. We believe in the power of prayer. His wife was Gina's roommate Date:01/17/2013 What was your physical problem?:proxy for John Paul had massive heart attack age 35 What caused it?:massive heart attack with on oxygen to brain 2 hours What is different now?:He is responding to simple commands, but has memory issues. miraculous that he is responding. Writing notes and waving, but can't understand or remember what happened. update: 1/21/13 Yesterday was amazing in so many ways (I know, can it get more amazing? Well....yes in fact!)   Yesterday was John-Paul's first day out walking the hall of the ICU unit. As we turned the corner to head back to his room, I was tapped on the shoulder. As I turned around, I found the 2 first responders to my 911 call (Allen and Kendra). I immediately recognized them and started crying (almost hysterically) and they both hugged me so tight. I was so happy to see them to be able to thank them in person for all the hard work and effort they poured out that day when they arrived to our house. They both were amazed at John-Paul's recovery. I asked them if they could recap their experience of what happened that day. Allen told me, when he arrived on scene, John-Paul was blue from the chest up, his heart rhythm was in vfib and they ended up shocking him at least 8x at our house. Kendra told me, "Anne when we took over for you and saw that you were pregnant, that changed the whole dynamics of the situation for us. We knew we had to fight hard for John-Paul, even though at the time, it wasn't looking like a good outcome for him." Allen said that he has been doing this for close to 28 yrs and he has never seen an outcome like this one in his whole career. For someone to be coding for an hour and a half and then to be walking/talking/remembering 5 days later was truly the hand of God at work and in his words "a miracle". (20min prior to them coming up to see John-Paul in the ICU) Kendra said they were down in the ER and someone from down there informed them that the man they worked on for so long on monday lived and he was in the ICU. Kendra said "we had to come up and see him". She also said "everyone is still so amazed down in the ER, they are still giving each other high fives!"   Shortly after their visit, one of the ER RNs and another paramedic came by to see John- Paul to recap their stories as well. All I can say is, people are dumbfounded at John-Paul's recovery but more so by the fact that he actually lived through a code for that length of time.   It's hard to believe that so much has happened in one week, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. God is good, and He has sent the clear message that "our work here is not yet done" and it will take us the rest of our lives to unpack what all that means...   Anne     Date:12/2712 What was your physical problem?: polyhydrominos (a medical condition describing an excess of amniotic fluid in the amniotic sac. It is seen in about 1% of pregnancies) What caused it?:Unknown What is different now?:God spoke to me telling me if I went to the Healing service that was held in December at Cabrini I would be healed during Benediction. Out of pure faith I did and my last ultrasound came back normal! Drea Knoell Date: 1/15/2013 at the prayer barn People prayed over me; and with me. Outcome: Healing I did want you to know that there was a definite "shift" (that is the best way I can explain it) in my attitude and in my emotional state shortly after returning home.  I was and am filled with a much greater sense of peace.  What became abundantly clear to me after participating in your service was that "ACTION WITHOUT PRAYER WILL NOT YIELD POSITIVE RESULTS".  I'd been thinking that if I simply "served" my Lord through "service to others" (which is what my job is all about)....all would be well.  (God would know what was in my heart, so why take time to pray?)  I heard over and over and over again that evening that if I put my Lord and God first...that everything else would follow. I have renewed my commitment to spend time with the Lord every day in prayer, meditation, and bible study; and I have also renewed my committment to attend church regularly.  Thank you for getting me back on the right path. Denise Duffy (Philadelphia, PA)    Date: 1/7/13 Prayer Request: I kindly ask for your prayers so that I may find a job doing what I love, video production. Several months ago I was laid off from my job and have not been able to find full time work since. Date: 2/10/13 Problem: unemployed what is different now:2 jobs God doesn't always answer your prayers in the way you think he will. He may be sending you in different directions, and you may not know why now. But he is always going to take care of you. Recently God has answered my prayers in very different ways. My freelance video work with a wedding video company is becoming more of a part time job now which is great. They have given me more work lately. And out of the blue a place I worked at last year wants me back for part time work. The Lord does work in mysterious ways.          Update: 2/27/2013 3 jobs  I had been asking for your prayers for a full time video production job. Well, God answered me with THREE jobs! Two of which are video related. I did get an editing job at Denver University which is what I was praying for. So with three part time jobs things are looking much better. Natalie