Novena to The Holy Spirit 
DAY SIX COME If you take the time to learn to listen to Me, I will give you My gift of PIETY. This gift will make you want to be near and close to Me. This gift, if you use it, will bring you to ecstasy in My intimacy. This gift will make everything easy for you, but will not interfere with your free will. I will give you so much. Give Me your appreciation and gratitude. I AM PEACE When you learn how to dismiss all distractions and think only of Me in your heart, you will experience Peace. I, your God, My Holy Spirit, is in the midst of this peace you experience. The more undivided attention you focus on Me, the greater and deeper this peace will become. This peace surrounds Me. I am Peace. You will recognize My presence by this peace. Do not make the mistake so many others do. Relaxation of the body is not peace. Peace, My peace that only I can give is of the soul. Relaxation can be obtained in numerous ways, including - drugs - sex - money. These are of the body and in excess harm the soul. Your gratitude to Me will increase my gifts to you. Just as you give more to those who appreciate you. END OF DAY SIX
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Day Six