Novena to The Holy Spirit 
DAY SEVEN OUT OF ORDER? Your soul was created to be attracted to Me like steel to a magnet. If you do not take time to learn to listen to Me, my child, you will become confused, as many others have. The confused try to satisfy their magnetic attraction to Me by substituting drugs that delight their bodies, and for a short time relaxes them. Some express their confusion by other delights of the body, but this is not the peace I offer you. The confused not only destroy their bodies and minds, but also their souls. The confused cannot tell the difference between relaxation of the body and the reward of My peace to their souls. The confused have refused to listen to Me. All human creatures have been given this right, to refuse to listen. All were created with a will that is free. A free will to choose their Creator or reject Him. If you learn to listen to Me, I will relieve you of your many anxieties and fears. Your doubts and frustrations will be resolved. You will have Peace. Your will is free. Choose to make it My will. END OF DAY SEVEN
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Day Seven