Novena to The Holy Spirit 
DAY FOUR POSSESSED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT When I look back just these three days, I am beginning to be able to see how my life with You will be much richer as I willingly permit You to take possession of me. This ability to see as You see, to the extent You wish for me to see at this moment, is Your gift of KNOWLEDGE. Who, O Holy Spirit, in heaven or on earth, possesses the KNOWLEDGE that is Yours and Yours alone? Why do I spend so much time seeking mere information from others when You are so willing and anxious to give me this gift I need. If only I would take the time to learn how to listen to You. Why do I put so much importance on money - sex - power - intellectualism - things that do not have a mere fraction of the power You have? Why do I spend so much time accumulating money when Jesus promised me the Father would provide? What good would it do a man if he gained the whole world and suffered the loss of his soul? Why do I spend so little time listening to You? Is it my lack of faith? Help me to UNDERSTAND. Show me the way. Lead me O Kindly Light. END OF DAY FOUR
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Day Four