What is prayer? Intimacy with God. It is the voluntary response to the awareness of God’s greatness and our total dependence on him. The following format is effective and works for many people. 1. Blessing and adoration – acknowledgment of God’s greatness and total dependence on him. 2. Thanksgiving – gratitude 3. Expiation – sorry for our sins 4. Petition or intercession – asking for the graces needed 5. Love – affection for God 6. Praise and worship – brings people from the burdens, cares and hurriedness of the day to focus on God’s presence and worship the Lord. Contemplation (from “contemplatio” – Latin for simple gazing of the mind that manifests truth) St. Augustine – the enjoyed admiration of perceived truth. St. Bernard – elevation of the mind resting on God. St. Thomas – simple intuition of divine truth that produces love. Meditation – reflective prayer It is that form of mental prayer in which the mind, in God’s presence, thinks about God and divine things. Active prayer (conscious mind) Passive prayer (sub-conscious mind) Liturgy of the hours Lectio Divina Rosary Rosary Reading Bible Ignatian exercises Gift of tongues Contemplative prayer Meditative/reflective prayer
Growing in Intimacy – A Simple Prayer Format